Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy

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Mai 2006



This is the classic text/reference of nuclear pharmacy, thoroughly updated and judiciously expanded. Generously supplemented with charts, tables, and more than 100 illustrations throughout, each chapter provides the reader with well-delineated descriptions, from the basic autotomic structure through the clinical uses of radiopharmaceuticals. Previous editions were unanimously priased for their clarity and accuracy, as Dr. Saha set new standards for making complex theoretical concepts readily understandable for students and practitioners in nuclear pharmacy and nuclear medicine. New features in the Fourth Edition include:- up-to-date descriptions of the latest NRC and FDA regulations- clinical uses of all new radiopharmaceuticals and techniques, including those radiopharmaceuticals having the potential for clinical use- quality control data for all new radiopharmaceuticals- dosimetry data for all new radiopharmaceuticals- an entire new chapter devoted to the therapeutic uses of radiopharmaceuticals- an upgraded section on 99mTc chemistry- addition to the 62Zn-62Cu generator in th chapter on &quote;Radionuclide Generators&quote;- latest developments in brain, heart, and tumor imaging- a new section on parathyroid imagingFrom reviuews of the Third Edition:&quote;the strengths of this edition, coupled with its currentness, make this book today's frontrunner among introductory radiopharmacy texts.&quote; -Clinical Nuclear Medicine&quote;an excellent overview of all different aspects of nuclear pharmacyconsistent, well-written, concise. I can recommend it as a reference in nuclear pharmacy and as a textbook for nuclear medicine technologists.&quote;-European Journal of Nuclear Medicine


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