I Am Divorced Can I Re-Marry?

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März 2016



The issue of Divorce and Re-Marriage is so difficult, nuanced, and emotional. There are a couple challenges that make teaching on Divorce and Re-Marriage especially difficult. One challenge is that there are so many legitimate approaches I could take with this teaching.

Through this book we shall discover the mind of God concerning situations that made the New Testament to permit divorce. We shall also address the question of whether are divorced Christians who have remarried "living in adultery"? Most church dogmas often targets the wounded, rejecting the very ones who need Christ's healing touch, thereby further complicating the pain and rejection of these wounded ones. Though we are not trying to encourage frivolous marriage dissolution, but instead this book deals with the issues of divorce and remarriage from a biblical perspective--looking below the surface of what some have SAID the Bible teaches--to understand the obvious intent of Scriptural passages which deal with these issues.

So join me on this journey that will guarantee you inner healing. We tried to look at this issue from different dispensational views to understand what the Bible really.

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