Well Water Woman (Grandmothers, #1)

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Dezember 2013



Well Water Woman is a personal narrative of a Chinese American female who explores and reconstructs her journey from girlhood to womanhood, piecing information from two generations of memories about the life and legacy of a predecessor-- the paternal grandmother whom she has never personally met.

Each drop of dialogue, spoken and unspoken, contribute to the living legacy of this female ancestor through the present form or existence of the granddaughter.

This short memoir explores the inner workings of spirit through the cycle of birth, life, death, and eternity.


Multi-published author Gloria Ng is an Oakland-based mother of three who writes on Owl Time. Her work has appeared in anthologies, including YELL-Oh Girls! (HarperCollins, 2001)
Seeing the lack of bilingual books to read to her children, she created the Mama Gloria Chinese-English Bilingual Books series.
Gloria welcomes emails from readers, writers, and reviewers at Contact or Interact with Gloria Online: Facebook: Facebook Author page: Twitter: @fengshuigal Blog/Website: Newsletter: (Sign up for a free ebook of Cloth Diapering Made Easy)

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