The Yeti in the Library

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März 2013



2012 was a year in which documented abuses of human rights reached alarming levels in Tibet. At the same time, there was an unprecedented number of self-immolations, as individual Tibetans made a fiery protest against the continuing erosion of their language, religion, culture and freedom. As a volunteer teacher in the exile community of Dharamshala the author witnessed the Tibetans' pain but also their compassion, humour and bravery at a difficult time in their existence.
In "The Yeti in the Library" you'll encounter the serious, the humorous, the day-to-day, the tragic, the strange and a few ridiculous aspects of life as a foreigner in Dharamshala. You'll meet individual Tibetans and learn their life stories, follow the author as she struggles to master the Tibetan language, travel to fascinating places around northern India, and discover inspiring examples of compassion in action within the Tibetan and Indian communities.
"The Yeti in the Library" is a lively and often humorous book with an important message about the ongoing struggle of the Tibetan people for a free Tibet.

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Untertitel: Encounters With Compassion, Death & Life in the Tibetan Community in Exile. Sprache: Englisch.
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