Lord Windmere (Third Edition)

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The London rake known as Lord Windmere, Matthew Edmund Fremont, is on the prowl for a wife. He has always liked the younger sister of his best childhood friend, Robbie Thornton, but will he even consider Lady Jane? After all, she's too young and too innocent for someone like him.

But Lady Jane Anne Thornton has always had a tendre for her older brother's friend, Matt. Their relationship, at a house party, seems to be going well until an enemy—who wants Lord Windmere for his wealth—interferes, and the consequences could be deadly.

"I'm so excited about Gianna Thomas' 'Four Lords' Saga' Regency Romance! And her original characters are amazing. It all starts with a simple wager, and Lord Windmere can't wait to lose! Readers will delight in his downfall." ~ Kay Springsteen, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author


Although a writer of sweet+ Regency romance, Gianna Thomas, a native Texan, doesn't hesitate to tackle some of the grittier events in life. Even back in Regency times, the world of that day experienced war, hatred, prejudice and crimes against women. And, we even see those things today. It seems that people don't change.

Romance, especially Regency romance, really appeals to Gianna, and she loves writing about it whether Pride and Prejudice variations with Darcy and Elizabeth or love stories involving dukes and duchesses. And she is a prolific reader of Regency romance as well.

Gianna discovered Pride and Prejudice, and its many variations, what ifs and fan fiction. She was totally fascinated by the variety of plots that eager authors had utilized. After reading nearly 400 variations and fan fictions, Gianna now had P&P plots running through her head. She finally decided that they needed to be put to paper (today, on the computer), to see how they would develop.

More recently, Gianna started looking beyond Pride and Prejudice, with her first foray into Regency Romance generally, with The Four Lords' Saga Series. She is finding that she loves all the lords, their ladies, and their families, and writing about them is one of the most fun-filled adventures she's ever been on. There are four books in the initial series, then there will be other novellas/short stories concerning the lords and their families. There's nothing better than to read and write about handsome bad boys who change their wicked ways for their ladies. And the four lords fit the bill perfectly. Join the many who will learn why four confirmed bachelors decide, unexpectedly, to seriously consider marriage after escaping parson's mousetrap for years. You will love the reason why.

So, come along with us on the journey and meet the four lords. There will be laughter and tears along the way but lots of smiles as well.

And for P&P fans, never fear. There will be more Darcy and Elizabeth as well, mostly in the form of novellas and short stories.

Learn more about Gianna and her Regency Romance writings on her website Also, please visit with her on Facebook at And please 'Like' her page.

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