The Sissy Convention is Next Week!

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Oktober 2014



Marco couldn't be more excited about the sissy convention.  A whole weekend with other guys who dress like girls! He can wear all the pretty, frilly, lovely things he enjoys feeling against his skin... and nobody will laugh!

But when he arrives at the hotel, where are all the other sissies?  There's nobody around but big, beautiful women and the men who love them. Oh no! It couldn't be! Marco's got his dates mixed up. The sissy convention is NEXT weekend.

Good thing Janet and Brenda, two friendly organizers of the BBW convention, are so very willing to take him under wing. Marco might not get to spend his weekend with other sissies, but chances are he'll have a very good time…

Word Count: 4,500

GIA MARIA MARQUEZ knows her stuff. She's been writing for as long as she can remember—not about sissies and cross-dressing and domestic discipline, though. That's close to home, so she's kept it to herself until now. Writing spicy stories is easy, but sharing a piece of herself with the world? That's the tough part.

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