Teasing the Sissy Cop (Rear Eye for the Straight Guy, #1)

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Oktober 2014



Scott's been putting off his annual physical far too long. If he can't prove he's fit for duty, who knows what'll happen? God forbid he should be put on desk duty. The powers that be wouldn't boot him from the force just for missing an appointment, would they?

His wife Zelda knows exactly why Scott's nervous. The doctor's certain to perform that test… THAT test… where he sticks a finger UP THERE. Maybe if Scott had some positive associations with that area, he wouldn't be so nervous. Zelda figures it's worth a shot. She's happy to use what she's got on hand to prepare her husband for the dreaded date with the doctor.

But what happens if Scott enjoys their run-through a little too much?

Word Count: 3,600

GIA MARIA MARQUEZ knows her stuff. She's been writing for as long as she can remember—not about sissies and cross-dressing and domestic discipline, though. That's close to home, so she's kept it to herself until now. Writing spicy stories is easy, but sharing a piece of herself with the world? That's the tough part.

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