The Death Lottery (Residue Class Mysteries, #3)

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Januar 2014



Libby Myers and the Residue Class are an international bunch of mathematicians famous for their crime-solving prowess. They work by analyzing the patterns underlying a crime, but now they are faced with a killer who brags that there is no pattern to his/her murders.
The brazen murder of the Chinese UN Ambassador brings the case to a boil. Some mathematical aspects of the case cause the US President to call upon the team to tackle the case, in competition with New York's Finest.
The Random Killer not only baffles their brains, but also mocks the entire Residue Class, including even their German Shepherd dog, Heathcliff. As the tally of random murders mounts, the reputation of the Residue Class plummets.
When none of their methods produce results, they begin to doubt themselves. Can true randomness really exist? Can it even foil the brightest mathematicians in the world?

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Verlag: Weinberg Weinberg
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2014
Format: epub eBook
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