Nine Science Fiction Stories

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September 2013



First off, I'm a storyteller. I always have been since my father encouraged four-year-old me to make up stories from words he found in his nightly newspaper.

Secondly, I've written hundreds of stories and told even more.

But thirdly, I'm not much of a short-story writer. Quite frankly, I'm rather long-winded, so my stories usually take a long time to relate. So how come I'm releasing a collection, a book, of my short stories?

Like most people, I'm many things: husband, father, grandfather, consultant, stone-egg collector, hiker, dog trainer, teacher, and very much a writer. Both fiction and non-fiction. I like to combine some of my persona to obtain synergy among them. For instance, I love to collect an egg each time I'm traveling on one of my consulting gigs. Or, I enjoy relating a story or two when I'm on hiking in the New Mexico mountains.

In the same way, I write stories that support my teaching and my non-fiction writing–but also, to promote my longer fiction, my novels. This collection demonstrates another of those synergies: the relationships between my short-fiction and my long fiction, especially my science fiction.

So, if you're interested in that synergy, read on. Or, even if you're just interested in some short science fiction stories, read on anyway. You might learn something, but in any case, I'm quite confident you'll enjoy yourself.


Table of Contents
Story 1. The Fixer
Author's Note
Story 2. How I Learned to Solve Problems
Author's Note:
Story 3. The Moon is a Harsh Pig
Author's Note:
Story 4. Bi-Quinary Search
Author's Note:
Story 5. Opera Fin
Author's Note
Story 6. Pure Health
Author's Note
Story 7. Cheating
Author's Note
Story 8. The Blind Warrior
Author's Note
Story 9. Jigglers
Author's Note

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