A Sun Rose (The Paradigm of Time, #1)

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Oktober 2014



Hanna York and his shipmates encounter romance, mystics, dolphins, surfing and exciting fast paced action after finding themselves crash landing on a seemingly pristine and primitive world. However, things are not what they seem as their arrival has upset a delicate balance that has been in place for hundreds of thousands of years. The earth's ecosystem had failed and humankind has moved on to their new home where genetically engineered priests are now the caretakers of the human race. Designed as servants, with a duty of care for the survival of all humankind, they have enforced the doctrines of the 'Ark of Corporeity' and now control the 'The Chosen' population, who live safely under their protection within the 'Net Cap.' Hanna's arrival has unwittingly set into motion a series of events that will change the future of all mankind forever as they must now face the realities of... 'The Paradigm of Time.'

EAN: 9781495902840
Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: GB Kinna
Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2014
Format: epub eBook
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