The Rise of China

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Mai 2009



Although the United States is rightly preoccupied with the threat of Islamist terrorism and the two conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a wide consensus among American strategic thinkers that America’s greatest challenge over the next decades will be the rise of China. With its expanding economy and formidable military growth, China is positioning itself to challenge the United States as the greatest international power on the world stage.

The Rise of China is a collection of essays about the nature of that threat and what the U.S. and its allies might do in the areas of foreign and defense affairs to meet it. Contributing authors Michael R. Auslin, Dan Blumenthal, Ellen Bork, Nicholas Eberstadt, Robert Kagan, Gary J. Schmitt, and Ashley J. Tellis contemplate how these two rising, ambitious powers are contesting for leadership in East Asia and ask if the sanguine forecasts for a peaceful century will hold true.

Although the Chinese have been very careful to look like a cautious power, and in key respects have been, they see the international scene as fundamentally one of antagonism. And this is unlikely to change until and unless the regime changes. It is this China, the authors of The Rise of China assert, that we will be dealing with for some time to come.
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