Out On A Cliff

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April 2012



Candid Lyrical Volume Shows the Way to Hope and Self-Discovery

Writing with complete transparency, Rubie has courageously walked through healing and by turns offers readers to do the same by reflecting through his poetry

On his dedication page, poet Gary Rubie writes, "to every alcoholic and addict that suffered, recovered and still suffers, I hope for serenity, courage and wisdom." The same serenity, courage and wisdom can be found in the interstices of Out On A Cliff, an intricately-weaved anthology of lyrical prose which takes readers into an intense journey into Rubie's mind, providing a glimpse into his soul's darkest hole.
Rubie's journey to writing poetry began just over seven years ago as a method of journaling. With no formal training he found solace in rhyme. It was a therapeutic way of putting his feelings on paper about the struggles and challenges he faced during his policing career and in dealing with severe job related trauma (P.T.S.D.) and his addictions.
Each metrical piece in Out On A Cliff are based on Rubie's real life experiences -. From growing up, suffering abuse, to his 25-year career as a city cop, surviving deep depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts at his own life and then managing crippling job related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This all lead him through his own Dante's Inferno, the darkest hole imaginable of addictions, his own incarceration and his eventual victorious recovery. Rubie asked his father in 2010 if he would consider drawing images to go with each poem. Confident in his son's adroitness in poetry, Henk Rubie agreed to do a collaboration between father and son. Together father and son were able to realize their dream of leaving a legacy of Hope & Redemption before Henk died of Cancer.
Rubie further wrote, "If one poem touches one person and stops that one person from ending their life, or gives one person hope, or keeps one person sober for one day, then all the hard work, honesty, and hours of painful soul-searching that went into creating this book was worth it."
As Cornwall Chief of Police Daniel C. Parkinson puts it, Rubie has taken the lid off the Pandora's Box of policing and allows readers to peek into its harrowing side. Writing with complete transparency, Rubie has courageously walked through self-healing and by turns offers readers to do the same by reflecting through this candid volume.

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