Winter In Volcano

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Januar 2012



'Her name was Felicia, a name Cullen liked. He wondered as he sipped his beer, what ancestral dance had produced such impish racoon eyes -eyes she was fond of hiding behind oversized sunglasses that only served to emphasise her nose, a perfect minature. And what, he wondered, might be the genealogy of that wickedly sullen mouth?' Cullen Kinnell, precariously employed by a small Catholic college in Honolulu, commits a fatal error. He falls for one of his students -Felicia Mattos. Cullen Kinnell is an intelligent man and old enough to know better than to play with fire. Gary Kissick's witty and richly expressive first novel explores how unsuitable love can cause an eruption of conflicting emotions, from which no one emerges unscathed.


Gary Kissick
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