Living in Space

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We are the first species with the ability to leave planet Earth and expand the horizons of existence into the infinite realm of the universe. Humanity has been working, learning and building toward this accomplishment throughout history. Those who live and work in space will be no different from their predecessors who left ancient homelands to venture into the unknown wilderness. But to travel and work in space, one must not only know the physical characteristics of the space environment, but also something about the human beings involved. Living in Space explains: -Technology necessary for staying happy, healthy and alive in space. - Effects of acceleration on the human body - The long term affects of living in zero-g conditions - The most harmful forms of ionizing radiation for humans - Nutrition and Sanitation - Basic problems of working in space. The people who go into space to live and work are setting the foundation for humanity's future.


1. Space is for People
2. What is a Human Being?
3. Atmospheres
4. Keeping Cool
5. Acceleration
6. Weightlessness
7. Radiation
8. Nutrition and Sanitation
9. Working in Space
10. Designing for Human Beings
11. Recreation in Space
12. Health and Medicine in Space
13. Space Complexes
14. Social Aspects of Space Living
15. The Giant Leap

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