Ageless Entrepreneur

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Mai 2015



Ageless Entrepreneur offers a new perspective on the barriers to entry that young people face today in starting their careers as well as valuable insights into the possibilities for seniors, who all too often are being forced out of the work force when they can least afford it.

Entrepreneurial guru Sam Macleod leads an improbable group of would be entrepreneurs into new challenges and unexpected alliances that revitalize their future. Spearheading the group is Sam's boyhood friend Nick, who like so many others has received the golden handshake prematurely.

Throughout the narrative, the qualities required of an entrepreneur operating in an economy burdened with barriers and limitations are brought out through discussion and a wide range of anecdotes. The story draws us right into the class as we share in the fears, hopes, and challenges faced by the characters. The lessons provide a solid foundation for anyone considering a career as an entrepreneur or simply looking to make sound strategic decisions in managing their career, no matter what their age or circumstance.


  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One Return of an Icon 
  • Chapter Two The Renewal of a Lifetime Allegiance 
  • Chapter Three No Disappointment 
  • Chapter Four My Request Gets Deferred 
  • Chapter Five My Proposal 
  • Chapter Six Setting the Framework 
  • Chapter Seven A Fresh Start 
  • Chapter Eight Off and Running 
  • Chapter Nine Dining with Sam 
  • Chapter Ten Looking for Good Will Hunting 
  • Chapter Eleven Finding Symmetry 
  • Chapter Twelve The Painting Guru 
  • Chapter Thirteen Finding Inspiration 
  • Chapter Fourteen The Exuberance of Youth 
  • Chapter Fifteen Putting the Pedal to the Medal 
  • Chapter Sixteen The Teenage Mentor 
  • Chapter Seventeen Putting Meat on the Bone 
  • Chapter Eighteen A Mentoring Machine 
  • Chapter Nineteen Building Consensus 
  • Chapter Twenty The Mentoring Mind 
  • Chapter Twenty-One Defining the Alliance 
  • Chapter Twenty-Two The End of the Beginning 
  • Epilogue May 11, 2015 
  •  Appendix I One-Line Wisdom from the Seminars of Sam Macleod 
  • Appendix II Sam's Inspirations 
  • Appendix III The Jargon of Entrepreneurship According to Sam


Fred Dawkins is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded the Olde Hide House, Canada's largest leather goods store. He is a partner in the Creative Destruction Lab at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. The first book in this informative series, Everyday Entrepreneur, was published in 2013. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.

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