A critial review about "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden

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Februar 2015



Literature Review from the year 2014 in the subject American Studies - Literature, grade: A, Atlantic International University, course: PhD JOURNALISM, language: English, abstract: Gregg Braden¿s book, The Divine Matrix that seeks to justify and offer meaning to the origin of both the tangible and intangible things of the universe offers one of the most elusive and divisive evidence. The origin of the web of energy in the universe has for many years been a bone of contention between the church and science. From the time of Galileo to the modern times marked with technological advancements to carry out research, humanity has failed spectacularly to comprehensively and neutrally define their origin and everything around them.


The actual content of a man's life is embedded in his symbolical feat to achieve greatness through dint of hard work and excellence. Felix Ale,a household name in the field of Journalism,Corporate Communications as well as Space Science and Technology development in Nigeria, is indeed a highly self motivated,result oriented and excellent professional with inspiring records of robust and broad based experience. An exemplary focus of discipline,dedication,selfless services,humility and loyalty,Felix Ale has defined himself as a strong,indifatigable and committed communication strategist and indeed a worthy ambassador of Nigeria Union of Journalists,a professional association he proudly belongs. He holds a Ph.D in Journalism(WITH DISTINCTION) from the prestigious ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in the United States with a broad based research interest on SPACE JOURNALISM.This research work represents the first in the academic history of Nigeria.Ale,who currently works as Head,Media and Corporate Communications of the National Space Research and Development Agency(Nigeria Space Agency)in Abuja has equally attended the INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY in France for a Post graduate course on Space Science and technology.He was also at the prestigious HARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOL in the United States and UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD where he successfully completed different short term post-graduate courses respectively.He has previously worked as Staff Reporter,Government House Correspondent,News Editor,Press Attache to Military Governors and Chief Press Secretary to a democratically elected government in Ondo State,Nigeria. Felix Ale has also attended a good number of foreign courses,workshops and conferences on media as well as Space Science and Technology across the globe.Some of the countries are ,India,Netherland,China,France,United States,United Kingdom,Austria,Geneva,Russia,Ukraine,Japan,Canada,Pakistan and in different parts of African region.. A lover of humanity,Felix Ale has also delivered papers at different national and international fora and has received several national and international merit awards.Today,he is one of the leading Space Affairs Analysts/Journalists in Africa and belongs to various local and international professional associations,bodies and groups.Among these are the World's largest organization for Public Relations-Public Relations Society of America(PRSA),World Federation of Science Writers Association and Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ).
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