Follow Your Heart: Motivational Poems

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Juni 2013



This little eBook of motivational poems will inspire you to follow your heart and make your dreams come true.
These easy-to-read poems are for anyone who needs some guidance or a push in the right direction! They are especially good for older kids and teens to encourage them to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams.
These are poems to learn by heart so you can remember them in times of uncertainty and find the strength to carry on and reach your goals.
Never let fear stop you from following your heart. Your dreams are far too important! So, follow your heart today... GO FOR IT!

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Untertitel: ebook Ausgabe. Empfohlen ab 13 Jahre. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Angel-Inspired Poetry
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2013
Format: epub eBook
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