Storm: Book 5

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August 2015



Nothing has ever come easy in my life. Love especially being one of them. I was all in, ready to give my heart to Chase, the troubled bad boy who saved my life. Here I was, blindly trusting him, throwing caution to the wind and letting my heart lead me...right off a cliff. I knew how this would end up, but I never envisioned being in some muggy courtroom witnessing the unthinkable. Now I have to begin to pick up the shattered pieces of my life. But when someone from my past reappears, this puzzle called by life might seem impossible to figure out. Book one through four are available now. This steamy new adult novellette contains 17,000+ words.


Evelyn Rosado has been many things (stripper, school teacher, debt collector), but writer of erotic tales was one she would have never imagined. She's always been a very sensual woman and wears her heart on her sleeve, so being an erotic author is sort of a natural transition for her. Well, her knowing a thing or two about naughtiness helps too!
When she's not churning out scintillating tales, she's usually splitting poles on the sidewalk with friends, crossing the paths of black cats and walking under ladders.

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