The Ark of Hoof Prints

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Januar 2015



Normal life was to end on 'The Day'. Horses had been working with humans for so long! No one remembered not doing so. From that day on those that had not been evacuated have to find a way to overcome the strange results of the experiment in their Closed lands.


Evelyn G Lohmann was born in London 1955. She was given up for adoption. Years later fund her roots in the south Americas. The love of horses and painting brought her to write and illustrate the Ark of Hoof Prints-Ark of Hoof Prints-Travelers From the Plane. A Tale of a Herd. A Twist in the Tale. Tail of Tales. Amber Ark. And underway 'There is no future without a past.' Evelyn did not start writing till she was forty five, but where was a dyslectic wall in front of her to climb.As the book one and two in the saga of Ark Of Hoof Prints grew into a saga of six books; she wrote down all the dyslectic mishaps and transferred her mistakes into the illustrated Dyslectic Support Dictionary. Witch/Which she is planning to share in the near future.
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Untertitel: Tale of a Herd - Book two. Sprache: Englisch.
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