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Dezember 2012



An elk is for life, not just for Christmas...
Doppler has just lost his father. Despite the fact that he has a pregnant wife and two children, he decides to move into the woods . Here he starts a lonely and purposefully boring existence. He has never been so happy.
When Doppler kills a she-elk for meat he can't feel guilty about it, but he does feel a bit guilty about the calf she left behind. When the baby elk adopts him, Doppler is tempted to knock it down as well. But the little elk is wily and escapes death, and gradually they become friends. He names the little elk Bongo.
Doppler is a charming, absurd and subversive novel with serious undertones and criticism of our modern consumer society.


Erlend Loe is a Norwegian novelist. His eight books have been translated into over twenty languages.


'Wonderfully subversive, funny and original' Observer. 'A darkly comic fable which makes some astringent points about the way we live today' Independent. 'It gripped me from the very first page and I read the entire thing in a single day. It was unusual in that it was both powerful and entertaining; a rare combination that is difficult to pull off' Farm Lane Books. 'Funny and a touch dark ... [Doppler] is like a Nordic Obi-Wan' Big Issue. 'An absurdist, hilariously subversive novel' Saga. 'Compelling, disquieting and perceptive' Adresseavisen. 'Shamelessly charming without intellectual fuss' Stavanger Aftenblad. 'With Doppler Erlend Loe has become Norway's most alarming writer' Dagens Naringsliv.
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