What The Heart Desires Box Set

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August 2015



Twenty-five year old Leila Brooks thinks she has found the love of her life, and she has it all together when she becomes the fiancée of the successful club owner, tall dark and handsome Troy Jameson. But she doesn't see what's coming next, and it will cause her to question her whole life, where she rushes out into the night like a crazy woman, only to be mistaken for a lady of the evening by the gorgeous thirty something, and very rich, Evan Hunter.

Evan Hunter has just caught his best friend making love to his fiancée in the bathroom at a company party, and he goes on a drunken spree determine to make love to the first woman who wants him.
Part 2 What The Heart Wants
Evan Hunter made the wrong decision when he allowed Jessica back into his life, but he learned quickly that it was a mistake, especially when Leila walked out and said, "You're going to miss me, Evan Hunter." Evan is determined to make everything right and get Leila back by any means necessary. This billionaire doesn't fight fair, especially when he realizes he can't live without Leila.
Part 3 What The Heart Needs
Evan and Leila will find that no matter wherever they go, or whomever they are with, their paths seem to cross. Is this a sign that they are meant to be together or is this just a crazy coincidence?


Hi, I'm Erica Storm and I enjoy writing different types of stories. I write short erotic romance and erotica for your pleasure. Look through my titles you may find something to satisfy you.
When you read erotica you feel alive.

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Erscheinungsdatum: August 2015
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