Best Australian Political Writing 2009

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April 2009



In The Best Australian Political Writing 2009, Crikey publisher Eric Beecher selects the most incisive and entertaining writing about the notable events and names of the past year. From the Prime Minister's historic apology speech and the global financial crisis to the election of the first black American President, it has been an era-defining twelve months. Leading political commentators chart these momentous times and look at the issues that have divided the country-climate change, leadership contests, the Bill Henson controversy and more. This is the year that was through the eyes of Australia's foremost political analysts. Contributors: Phillip Adams Janet Albrechtsen Waleed Aly Shaun Carney Michael Costello Annabel Crabb Michael Duffy Tom Dusevic Tim Flannery Raimond Gaita Geoff Gallop Brendan Gleeson Michelle Grattan Nicholas Gruen Clive Hamilton Peter Hartcher Gerard Henderson Jennifer Hewett John Hewson Christine Jackman Bernard Keane Paul Kelly Marcia Langton Mark Latham Mungo MacCallum Robert Manne Chris Masters George Megalogenis Noel Pearson Alan Ramsey Nicolas Rothwell Kevin Rudd Guy Rundle Imre Salusinszky Dennis Shanahan Paul Sheehan Craig Sherborne Margaret Simons Lenore Taylor Laura Tingle Brian Toohey Paul Toohey Don Watson


Contributors: Phillip Adams, Janet Albrechtsen, Waleed Aly, Shaun Carney, Michael Costello, Annabel Crabb, Michael Duffy,Tom Dusevic, Tim Flannery, Raimond Gaita, Geoff Gallop, Brendan Gleeson, Michelle Grattan, Nicholas Gruen, Clive Hamilton, Peter Hartcher, Gerard Henderson, Jennifer Hewett, John Hewson, Christine Jackman, Bernard Keane, Paul Kelly, Marcia Langton, Mark Latham, Mungo MacCallum, Robert Manne, Chris Masters, George Megalogenis, Noel Pearson, Alan Ramsey, Nicolas Rothwell, Kevin Rudd, Guy Rundle, Imre Salusinszky, Dennis Shanahan, Paul Sheehan, Craig Sherborne, Margaret Simons, Lenore Taylor, Laura Tingle, Brian Toohey, Paul Toohey, and Don Watson.

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