Second Opinion

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Februar 2015



Second Opinion is the definitive resource for any of the 15 million people each year who are told they need surgery. This is the one book to turn to when you are sorting out whether or not to have surgery. Dr. Eric Rose and his collegues provide patients a reassuring arsenal of approaches and alternatives so they can participate fully in this important process to assure the best possible outcome. You'll want to bring Second Opinion with you for note-taking, list making, references, and support. It will help you be your own best advocate.
Other features include:
*45 of the most common operations described in detail
*Full illustrations
*Reasons to have the operation
*What can happen if you don't
*Possible complications
*What to expect after surgery
*Extensive, unbiased resources for getting a second opinion
*Patient's worksheets, notes, and rights

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Untertitel: The Columbia-Presbyterian Guide to Surgery. 50 line drawings throughout. Sprache: Englisch.
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