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Juli 2011



Camp Buddies¿Ian embarks on a camping trip with his best friend Guy, only to discover Guy has nurtured a flame for him for years. Swiftly, he gives himself up to the passions two men can share, but as their time together draws to a close, Ian despairs, unsure whether this fledgling relationship can withstand the pressures of the world.

Rock/Star¿When Magnolia Marks meets rocker Sig Locke backstage after a concert, she thinks their instant connection is a one-time deal. After his roadie shows up on her doorstep with a ticket to exotic Maldives, she jumps at the chance to spend a week with the man who haunts her. She expects to relax at his beach house, but instead she finds Sig is keeping her separate from his world.

Mystery Lover¿Noelle is leery when she¿s invited to an all female Murder Mystery Party held at a nearby mansion. The invitation boasts a memorable night of conspiracy and corruption among contestants. And though she¿s never considered intimacy with another woman,
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