The Happy City

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"I feel terrible. Although he doesn't say it, I know he had been hoping the whole time that I would explain it all somehow; but I can't explain it, because I don't understand anything." These disturbing words, almost a distillation of the entire text, close the novel The Happy City by Elvira Navarro, who featured in Granta's The Best of Young Spanish-language Novelists issue in 2010.

The stories of Chi-Huei¿a Chinese boy whose family has come to Spain in search of a better life¿and his friend Sara¿a girl strangely fascinated by a homeless man¿comprise two separate yet complementary sections, presenting the reader with a detailed account of their life circumstances and the nuances of their perspectives: the genuine, as-yet untamed voices through which the book's pre-adolescent protagonists negotiate the world around them, their initial astonishment finally turning to frustration as they gaze upon their dehumanized society.


Elvira Navarro won the Community of Madrid's Young Writers Award in 2004. Her first book, La ciudad en invierno (The City in Winter), published in 2007, was well received by the critics, and her second, The Happy City, published in its original version in Spanish in 2009, was given the 25th Jaén Fiction Award and the 4th Tormenta Award for best new author, as well as being selected as one of the books of the year by Culturas, the arts and culture supplement of Spanish newspaper Público. Granta magazine also named her one of their top 22 Spanish writers under the age of 35. She contributes to cultural magazines such as El Mundo newspaper's El Cultural, to Ínsula, Letras Libres, Quimera, Turia and Calle 20, and to the newspapers Público and El País. She writes literary reviews for Qué Leer and contributions for the blog "La tormenta en un vaso". She also teaches writing skills.
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