Kitchen & Bath Products and Materials

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November 2014



Objective guidance on kitchen and bath fitting choice to suitany client and any space
Kitchen and Bath Products and Materials describes thetypical materials, equipment, and surfaces used in all facets ofresidential kitchen and bath design. Part of the National Kitchenand Bath Association's Professional Resource Library, thiscomprehensive reference is fully updated and expanded to includenew technologies, materials, and finishes, with considerations ofsustainability throughout. Full color illustrations and a reviseddesign help visual learners better absorb the information, and thecompanion website provides an image bank and instructor's guide forclassroom use. Each chapter includes a summary and reviewquestions, allowing readers to test their grasp of the material atevery step.
Kitchen and bath design is the most popular and lucrative areawithin residential interior design. As such, the enormous amount ofoptions available for surfaces, fixtures, and materials is far toovast to be navigated by taste and aesthetics alone. Kitchen andBath Products and Materials provides the background designersneed to choose what's best for the client and the space, based on anumber of objective factors and technical details. This completehandbook allows readers to:

* Explore material options for storage systems, fixtures,fittings, and surfaces
* Become familiar with sizing systems, efficiency ratings, andcertifications
* Consider factors like manufacturing processes, engineering, andconfiguration
* Learn the terms and nomenclature used to describe materials,fixtures, and appliances
Design is about more than just aesthetics - whether theproject is a remodel or new construction, there are codes,standards, and functional requirements that must be met. Kitchenand Bath Products and Materials is a practical reference,providing the information designers need to make informeddecisions.
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