The Broken Mirrors: Sinalcol

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Februar 2015



Why did he return to Beirut?
Why did Karim leave his wife and children and the life he had built in France to return to a homeland still reeling from war?
It was not to answer his brother Naseem's call and raise a hospital out the ashes; it was not to pursue past sweethearts and father the son his wife never gave him.
It was to find a man, or the ghost of a man, a man known only as Sinalcol, legendary hero of the civil war, and a broken mirror of himself.
In Beirut Karim will confront the fate of old comrades, the truth about his father's death and a brother who is all but a twin in appearance but shares nothing of his soul.
And he will learn that peace is only ever fleeting in a war without end.

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