Roman Readings

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März 2011



This volume presents closely connected articles by Elaine Fantham which deal with Roman responses to Greek literature on three major subjects: the history and criticism of Latin poetry and rhetoric, women in Roman life and dramatic poetry and the poetic representation of children in relation to their mothers and teachers. The volume discusses among others texts by Plautus, Terence, Cicero, Quintilian, Gellius and Ovid.


Elaine Fantham, Princeton University, USA.


"Overall, then, this collection is an extremely valuable resource to those interested in both the broad spectrum of Latin literature ranging from comedy to Flavian poetry as well as the nuances and complexities of Greek and Roman intertextual relations. The value of this book lies in its range and richness, but simultaneously it provides the reader with fascinating insights into the genesis and evolution of a remarkable body of scholarship."Adam Marshall in: BMCR 2012.07.11
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