South Sudan

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Januar 2015



In 2011, South Sudan became independent following a long war of liberation, that gradually became marked by looting, raids and massacres pitting ethnic communities against each other. In this remarkably comprehensive work, Edward Thomas provides a multi-layered examination of what is happening in the country today. Writing from the perspective of South Sudan's most mutinous hinterland, Jonglei state, the book explains how this area was at the heart of South Sudan's struggle. Drawing on hundreds of interviews and a broad range of sources, this book gives a sharply focused, fresh account of South Sudan's long, unfinished fight for liberation.


  • Introduction: Gabriel Anyang Remembers His Childhood
  • Part I: Society and State
    • 1. The Social Landscape
    • 2. South Sudan's Encounter with Modernity
    • 3. Development and Representation
    • 4. Theories of Revolution
    • 5. State and Society in Jonglei after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
  • Part II: Jonglei's Mutinies
    • 6. The Life and Death of Hassan Ngachingol
    • 7. The Civil Wars in Jonglei
    • 8. The Geography of Conflict in Jonglei after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
  • Part III: Social Transformation
    • 9. Raiding and Eating
    • 10. Nyaburjok
  • Conclusion: Slow Liberation
  • Bibliography


Edward Thomas has lived and worked in Sudan and South Sudan for over eight years. He worked as a teacher, researcher and human rights worker for Sudanese and international organizations. Over the past five years, he has written numerous books, reports and articles about South Sudan and its neighbours.
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