On Writing Fiction

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Mai 2013



Everybody who wants to become a professional writer always looks for the success of their stories and for being read by the most possible readers. The best way to achieve it is to turn to the greatest authors of all times. This compilation of essays, signed by four well-known English and American writers, tries to elucidate the writing techniques they applied in their own works, and to shed more light on the contemporary literary theory.


Edgar Allan Poe: 'The philosophy of composition' (1846) and 'The poetic principle' (1848)G. K. Chesterton: 'How to write a detective story' (1925)Virginia Woolf: 'Modern fiction' (1925) and 'The Russian point of view' (1925)H. P. Lovecraft: 'Notes on writing weird fiction' (1933)


Edgar Allan Poe, G. K. Chesterton, Virginia Woolf and H. P. Lovecraft
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