Flirting with Desire Book 2: Billionaire Romance (Flirting with Desire By E.J. Adams, #2)

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Juni 2015



As much as I wanted sex with Jacob, I had worked too hard to build my career. I could never let anyone, and I mean anyone, think that I won business because I slept with a potential client. I was resolute in my conviction. There was no way that I was sleeping with Jacob Webster. Not tonight. Not ever. Never. Then I remembered the saying - never say never.

The Caribbean island of Saint Thomas is a tropical paradise. Jacob believes that it is the perfect environment to fulfill desire. He insists that Samantha (Sam) make her advertising campaign pitch as part of a weekend on the island. Sam is resolute in abstaining from the urges that she has for Jacob. Especially when she sees him with another woman. But everything is not as it appears to be. Sam will then discover just how far she is actually willing to go. But actions have consequences. Can Sam agree to Jacob's terms?

The heat turns up in Book 2! Don't miss the Sexy, Funny, & Emotional Second Book in the Flirting with Desire Series.

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Verlag: E.J. Adams Romance
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2015
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