Massaging the Mindset

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Februar 2015



Massaging the Mindset: An Intelligent Approach to Systemic Change in Education is a must read. Massaging the mindsets of staff is a great way to lay a foundation for change in school systems. If educational leaders desire swift collective changes to occur in today's schools, they must approach change differently. The reader becomes immersed in a journey of the mind and other human elements that school and district leaders need to take into account in order to facilitate smooth transitions. This book examines the psychology behind systemic change. School leaders will be equipped to view change from a perspective that has rarely been acknowledged. The reader will begin to see change as a process, and will understand the steps needed to attain targeted goals. School leaders will also understand that before any specific changes can take shape in a school system, leaders must first develop change skill sets in staff. Then, and only then will change become a part of school culture. Once this takes place, moving initiatives forward becomes a systemic effort, and administrators will find they have less time management issues as they can then spend more time focused on being a true instructional leader.
* School leaders will understand how to Lay a foundation for change* This work includes tips for how to massage the mindset of employees* Leaders will view change as a process* School leaders will understand and view change as a learned behavior* School and District leaders will be able to foster change skill sets in staff* School leaders will view all employees as core staff* Schools will have a good understanding what systemic change looks like

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