Beyond Atkins

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Januar 2005



It's a fact: Not all carbohydrates are bad for you. Unlike Atkins, South Beach, and other diets, Dr. Douglas Markham's breakthrough health plan is a more comprehensive, sustainable, and satisfying program for weight loss and total-body health.

Dr. Doug's signature Total Health Plan features the More Balanced Approach to low-carb meal programs, along with his 30-minute "Fat Burning" Circuit Training Workout(TM). This groundbreaking book will allow you to discover:

  • the safest, most effective way to follow a low-carbohydrate lifestyle
  • how the kind of food you eat affects your body, your energy level, and your quality of life
  • why fat does not make you fat
  • how healthful eating can replace the need for prescription drugs to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and adult-onset diabetes

...and much more. This empowering resource can help you to both lose pounds and maintain your weight; improve your eating habits; enhance your self-image; and lead a healthy, balanced life.


ContentsForeword by Larry KingPreface
Part I: Why the Total Health Plan WorksThe Birth of Total HealthWhy Other Diets Don't WorkThe Low-Fat Diet MythHow to Combine Foods CorrectlyWhy Fat Is the Key to Good HealthHeart Health
Part II: Following the Total Health PlanOverviewReading Food LabelsLow-Carbohydrate and High-Protein ProductsMicronutrients: Vitamins and MineralsGot Water?Fiber FactsSweeteners
Part III: Eating Your Way to Total HealthPulling It All TogetherHow to Use Your Total Health Menu OptionsWhen You Reach Your Weight GoalMacronutrient Units ListsTotal Health Protein-Rich, Favorable-Carbohydrate Menu OptionsPowerful Tips for Reducing Holiday Food Cravings
Part IV: Exercise: How to Get Started and WhyWhy Exercise Is ImportantChoosing a Health ClubHow to Choose a Personal TrainerThe Principles Behind Circuit TrainingThe 30-Minute "Fat-Burning" Circuit Training Workout
Part V: Mental Health: Helpful Hints for HappinessEmotional and Social Well-BeingIntellectual DevelopmentSpiritual GrowthOne More Thing
Part VI: Total Health RecipesProtein-Rich Appetizers and SnacksSalads and SoupsSaladsDressingsSoupsProtein-Rich EntréesBeefPorkPoultryFish and SeafoodVegetarian Protein EntréesVegetable Side DishesDesserts
Appendix A: Commit to Health and Happiness
Appendix B: Recommended Products
Appendix C: Exercise Resources
Appendix D: HEALTH Across America TourBibliographyIndex


"Dr. Doug has created the perfect healthy balance between Atkins and [the] Zone diet. His system helped me lose weight and increase my energy levels dramatically!"Jack Canfield, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series
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