How I Lost My Virginity ' Tales Of True Sex Volume 1

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Januar 2013



It was the nineties and I was a young horny teenage boy, just having turned 18. I had finally met a girl to whom I was going to lose my virginity too and found myself alone in a park late at night with her that evening. This true story details the steamy events of that night, as well as all the titillating events that lead up to my first time having sex.

(This story contains acts of MF sex, kissing, and oral sex)  (First Time Virgin Public Sex)


Donovon Diggs grew up in Seattle, Washington and has been a fixture of the music scene there since a very young age. During these years he had had many erotic encounters which he has decided to share with the world through his erotic non-fiction stories. Donovon takes great pleasure in pleasuring others, and hopes that his works will help spice up the sex life of anyone who reads them

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