Taking me Home (gay teen taboo first time erotica)

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Mai 2014



I lay back in the passenger seat and parted my legs. Fred pulled off his pants and moved to my side. His cock bounced in front of him, I grabbed it and began to pull it towards my gaping ass. I needed that cock. I wanted to feel full, feel complete. Feel like a man. "Be gentle, it's my first time" I whispered When Dean and Julia catch me with my boyfriend, about to break my cherry, they are far from amused. I could tell though, that Dean was turned on by what he saw. Even better, I would rather lose my virginity to a real man… WARNING! This story is extremely explicit, with scenes of gay sex including masturbation, oral, ejaculation and hot sex in a Porsche. It is intended for mature, 18+ audiences only.
Excerpt "I locked my lips around his shaft. Kissing up and down it, getting it wet and smooth with my saliva. Then I opened my mouth wide and pushed it in, past my lips. I pushed further, feeling that massive cock go past my cheeks and tongue, past and onwards, down so that it hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but I controlled myself and allowed it to slip as far as it would go. Sword swallowing. I bobbed my head up and down as he face fucked me. His eyes were wide and his cock throbbed and twitched. He was in heaven, I could see that in his eyes. I wanted him to fuck me, for the first time, ever..."

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