Ridden Raw (Gay Biker Erotica)

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März 2014



As soon as I heard the deep, throaty roar of around 30 Harleys pulling up outside my seedy bar, I could tell this would be no ordinary day. They arrived out of a blue, shimmering horizon and screeched to a halt in the parking lot, kicking up dust and putting gas fumes into the air…
Warning This very erotic and explicit book contains strong scenes of a highly sexual nature. With oral, anal and a messy cum filled climax, this gay epic from Dick Hunter is for mature audiences only!
I maneuvered around Mak so that my pert ass cheeks were on the edge of the pool table. Leaning back and opening my legs slightly I breathed 'I can be nice Mak. See anything you like?' The cheering started again. Mak pushed up close to me and gently parted my legs. He pushed my back onto the pool table and started to undo my shirt. He was so tender, not at all what I was expecting. His strong, rough hands were all over my chest and stomach. My body shivered as he worked his fingers down to my shorts. He undid one button. I wanted him to feel my erection. I wanted it right in front of all his men.

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