Why Did This Happen? What Is God Doing?

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Life is filled with challenges that cause real heartache and pain. These difficulties can be even harder to overcome when we ask two seemingly innocent questions: Why did this happen? and What is God doing?
Join author Diane Kannady as she reveals how incorrect answers to the
why and what questions can diminish your faith in the midst of hard times.
Diane also will help you understand how God works in life's trials as she guides you through a careful review of scripture and a study of the lives of several well-known Bible figures.
Why Did This Happen? What is God Doing? is a close companion to Diane's first book, God is Good and Good Means Good. In this follow-up study, she continues to explore numerous aspects of God's character that will encourage you no matter what adversity you may be facing.
Topics include:
. God's unconditional love
. Your value and worth
. God's present purpose
. The cure for complaining
. A right perspective on troubles
. Responding versus reacting
If you're trying to make sense of life's unexpected hardships, then Why Did This Happen? What is God Doing? is for you. You'll learn how to keep the why and what questions at bay with knowledge of God's Word. You'll also gain an even greater appreciation for God's ability to work genuine good out of every situation that comes your way.

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