Black Beauty and The Businessman

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Februar 2015



Riding the train into work everyday can be crazy boring for anyone, let alone a sexy black woman who's bored of the usual fuck. Go to work, spend all day sucking up to clients, head home, masturbate, go to sleep. Rinse and Repeat.Until the day she falls asleep on the shoulder of a handsome white businessman. Then she realizes he takes the same train as her every day. Then they start to notice each other. And get closer. Very closer.You'd think people would notice two people making out on the train. But they don't.


Destinie grew up in Atlanta, with a proud single mom and way too many brothers. She managed to make her way through high school thanks to the help of some great teachers and a neighbor with too much time on her hands, all of who encouraged her to go on to the University of Georgia to study English.

She is proud of that degree and gives back to her community by volunteering as a writing tutor at local high schools. She puts it to use through content marketing and social media management for several firms across the Atlanta area.

Her other passion is sexy writing for sexy sisters and she hopes you enjoy this adventure!

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