Between Spring and Fall

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Oktober 2012



Summer Shaw moves to Florida to work as a massage therapist for a highly esteemed orthopedic surgeon. Besides work, she feels like she's a bit out of her element. That is, until Jason Chambers enters her life as her newest patient. The two quickly become friends, but Summer is unaware of Jason's status as a major league ballplayer and she has no idea who he is.
His identity is revealed when Summer attends a Spring Training game for the first time with her boyfriend, and she sees Jason on the field playing for the Phillies. Not only does Jason's very dysfunctional personal life complicate things, but now so does his prestigious professional career.
Falling in love was easy, but now Summer has to fight through the obstacles that seem to threaten her happiness on a daily basis. As she struggles to do what is right, she learns that the ups--and the downs--are much better when you are playing the game with the right person.
A touching story about love, family, and of

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Verlag: Delia Delaney
Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2012
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