Lighting Up Time: A Short Story for the Winter Solstice

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Dezember 2014



When Emma, a young English journalist, is required to babysit in a dark country house on the longest night of the year - the winter solstice, 21st December - she must confront both her fear of the dark and her unresolved grief for her much-loved late Great Aunt Sophie. Where will she find the courage she needs to avoid risking an even greater loss?
This single short story (c. 3000 words) will brighten the darkest night and offer comfort and hope as the days grow longer.
"A delightful story." - Petrea Burchard "Lovely story that perfectly captures that big sister/little sister thing, and Aunt Sophie is a lovely gentle presence throughout - I especially like the way you use scent (perfume, flowers) to evoke her.". Lucienne Boyce
"You had me scared of the dark with you!" Melanie Spiller
"Lovely story and a great, feel-good ending ." - Christina Courtenay, romantic novelist
PLEASE NOTE: This story was originally published online for the winter solstice in 2013, as part of a blog hop. This ebook is a revised and enhanced edition.
Debbie Young has previously published two short story collections, "Quick Change" and "Stocking Fillers", as well as the stand-alone Christmas tale "The Owl and the Turkey". Her flash fiction has been included in anthologies for National Flash Fiction Day and the nationwide "Change the Ending" programme celebrating public services.
"Very subtle, very English, very clever" (Marius Gabriel, novelist)
"Debbie Young's attention to detail brings the extraordinary out of the everyday" (Calum Kerr, founder of National Flash Fiction Day)


Debbie Young is an English writer of fiction and non-fiction.
Her fiction has been described as "very subtle, very English, very clever" by novelist Marius Gabriel. Calum Kerr, founder of National Flash Fiction Day, says "Debbie Young's attention to detail brings the extraordinary out of the everyday".
With two volumes of short stories now published (Quick Change and Stocking Fillers), a growing collection of stand-alone single short stories in digital form, and more stories included in anthologies, she is currently working on her first novel.
Debbie Young's non-fiction includes self-help books for other authors, such as Sell Your Books! and Opening Up To Indie Authors. She is Commissioning Editor of the self-publishing advice blog of the Alliance of Independent Authors.
She is an enthusiastic blogger at the Young By Name blog on her author website.
She takes inspiration from both village life and her travels in the family camper van with her Scottish husband and their young daughter.
She is never bored.

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