The Biker and the Rose

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April 2015



Rose, a quiet girl who works in a department store's makeup counter, realizes it's the second anniversary of her divorce and she hasn't been with a man since. 

She decides to go to the Fair, where she meets Corndog, a biker who is more than he appears. 

Corndog takes Rose home, where he pulls out some rope. Rose isn't too surprised when he ties her hands behind her back, but when they go to the garage and she sees the motorized winch, she learns what it's truly like to be a "swinger." 

This 7500-word novelette features oral sex, bondage, suspension, and adult situations.


Dean Chills specializes in erotic romance, which features at least a little kink. Straight or gay, night or day, Dean's stories always feature realistic characters in kinky new situations.


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Erscheinungsdatum: April 2015
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