Lust (Pure Passion Series, #1)

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Mai 2014



Grace begins where human efforts fail.
Noémi Casson has booked herself on a sexual healing retreat after struggling in silence for seven years. It was just a matter of time before she gave in to the demons that have plagued her almost her whole life, and wholeness seems unattainable.
David Steel is living the perfect life, now that he's sworn off women. Hard work and long hours are all the companion he needs--until Noémi comes crashing into his life and disturbs his steady equilibrium.
David is convinced that his love is all the healing Noémi needs.
Noémi is convinced that David must be delusional.
As Noémi allows God to work on her, she begins to see herself and her problems in a new light. But just when all seems to be going well the unthinkable happens, and Noémi doesn't know whether to focus on saving her relationship with David or saving herself. Will she learn to trust God's purpose, or will she give in to the temptation to do things her own way?

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Verlag: Dayo Benson
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2014
Format: epub eBook
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