Bondage (Pure Passion Series, #2)

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April 2014



A woman on the run.

Thirteen year old Savannah McPherson was just the kind of person that Delta Music Group was looking for: talented and vulnerable. But as soon as she signed her contract, the nightmare began.

Fast forward ten years and Savannah is a modern day slave to DMG. Escaping is out of the question until a gruesome incident forces her to find a way out.

Rhys Cannon loved Savannah when they were young, but she disappeared into thin air. Now, ten years later, she has moved to the small town where he lives. Her new look and the fear that seems to emanate from her are all the evidence he needs to work out that she's hiding, but from whom? And for what reason?

Savannah is sworn to secrecy.

Rhys is determined to uncover her secrets and plant himself firmly in her heart.

As danger closes in, fear drives Savannah to faith.

DMG is hot on her trail.

Nobody has ever escaped and lived to tell the story.

A clean contemporary Christian romance novel with a touch of suspense.

*Bondage is Book 2 in the Pure Passion Series, but the series can be read in any order as each book is a standalone novel in itself with a satisfying heartwarming conclusion*

Q&A with Dayo Benson 

Q: Tell us about Bondage.

DB: Bondage is a Clean contemporary Christian romance novel with a good mix of suspense in it. The main character, Savannah, is on the run from an abusive boyfriend and the dark organization they both worked for. While in hiding she runs into her first love. She hasn't seen him for ten years, and he's just as awesome as he was when they were in high school.

Q: What's different about this book? 

DB: It's very gritty and deals with themes that don't come up often in Christian romance novels, such as occult groups and love spells. It's definitely packed full of suspense.

Q: Tell us about your writing process for this book.

DB: Well I like to continually push myself and challenge myself as a writer. The main characters in Bondage are creative people: a songwriter and a poet; so rather than just state that she wrote a song or he wrote a poem, I decided to include song lyrics and poetry, which meant extra work for me. I took a few days out to write all the songs and poems that would appear in the book, so when it got to parts where they were reciting poetry or something, I just went to my archive of poems and inserted one. It was a lot of fun to write. 

Q: You used poetry in your Beauty for Ashes Series. Is poetry another of your passions? Will we be seeing an anthology from you soon? 

DB: No! I like poetry but not to that extent. For my Beauty for Ashes series, I added one poem at the end of each book that summarized the main character's growth through that book. With Bondage, the poetry and song lyrics are interspersed throughout. 

Q: This is not the first time you have written about a songwriter. 

DB: It's not. Dana, from my book Prodigal, is a songwriter too, but only as a hobby. In Bondage, Savannah is a songwriter as a full time profession. I will probably still write about songwriters in future because I am a songwriter myself. I wrote songs from a very young age, long before I ever wrote books. It's my first passion. 

Q: Tell us about the main character, Savannah. 

DB: She is vulnerable but strong. So much stronger than she realizes. She grows so much in this book. I enjoyed writing her story.

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