When Season's Change (Book I, #1)

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Januar 2015



Ingrid Drummond can't remember accurately the last twenty years of her life. But refuses to believe her son Erich's death was a suicide and is convinced she heard screams on the evening he died. But uncovering the truth may be the last thing she'll ever do.  
Stephen Drummond is harboring a secret. But exposure is a fate worse than death and Stephen will do anything to keep his actions secret, including murder.  
Elizabeth Khyler is haunted by past events, a sense of déjàvu enfolds and now she fears the murder of another lover.  
Pamela Holland must rediscover the humanity and honor lost with the birth and death of her two year old daughter Sandra. She must find a different meaning of a single word in order to close the void between her and her younger unforgiving sister Kelly.  
But as the day and night become equal in length, the past and present collide; a dark autumn whisper begin to sing, and their lives will never be the same, after the season change.    


David was born in Marianna, Arkansas; five months before the dreamer was gunned down on a balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. Having grown up in the racial charged aftermath of the civil rights movement era; his works reflect that insurrectionist,no holds barred, relentless zeal that push reader beyond "the white lies of history" to a profound truth. Interwoven between traditional writing styles; the author's love of languages, and unique ability to take you on an unforgettable journey through the darkest realms of a human experience; has been described by many as an intense rollercoster ride of emotions. For years his bold, ruthless approach to story telling has left readers in underground circles utterly speechless and bewildered. Some has referred to this brutal angle of attack as "The Shock Factor" the term quickly became a signature trademark of his works throughout the underground.

The Author lives in Bangor, Maine.

"If a novelist avoids a profound truth and surrenders to the lies they prefer to hear;

his cowardice becomes his shadow"

 —David Rattler  

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