How to Be Gay

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Oktober 2012



Many guidebooks have been written for gay men-whether they are about sex, family or lifestyle. But how does one manage to be gay with poise and confidence? If anyone has the answer to this question, it's probably David Leddick: He has been a selfcon dent gay man for some decades now. He was friends with Quentin Crisp, and he was a chorus dancer for Maria Callas. And still today, Leddick is some kind of an ambassador of gay life. How to Be Gay is wise and witty-and none of the essential questions remains unanswered.


A leading expert on the art of the male nude, David Leddick is the author of several awardwinning anthologies. He has also written about the mid-century American art world, about gay men who married women, about male escorts and six novels. He is recently the author of a book on Miami Beach, where in addition to France and Montevideo, Uruguay, he makes his home. David Leddick is also a cabaret artist, touring internationally.
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