Reign From Heaven (War of the Gods, #2)

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Dezember 2014



One year ago, Zeus sought to reunite the Olympians and usurp the powers of Hell to reinstate his family to their rightful place. He was stopped by the combined help of his sons Hermes and Herakles and their recently discovered stepbrother, the new demigod Brad.

Today a small cadre of rogue angels see their prime opportunity to lay claim to the Earth Realm and seize victory in the War of the Gods.

With Hell still in disarray after the recent betrayal of Lucifer's best general, it seems like no better time to save humanity and bring Peace of Heaven down to Earth.

But when Gabriel, the Deus Vox, goes rogue and turns on humanity, it's up to nine-year-old Brad to save humanity from the reign of Heaven.

Yet another fast-paced dark fantasy by David Gearing.

REIGN OF HEAVEN is book two of the modern supernatural fantasy "War of Gods" trilogy.

Look for Book I of the series, EXILED FROM HELL and Book III: ACROSS THE REALMS at your favorite retailer.


David Gearing is a recent transplant from the harsh Arizona deserts to the green forests of the Pacific Northwest. He plots, he games, he pretends to be his own living room rockstar when no one is looking.

His other books range from various genres from thrillers to gothic horror and beyond. You can find him at his webpage or at his publisher's website

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Verlag: David Gearing
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
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