Special Education:First Days (Teaching Guides)

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Dezember 2013



The first year of teaching is the hardest. It sets the tone for the next few years to follow. First Days is about how to get through that first year successfully. At first glance it seems more geared towards middle and high school teachers, but the ideas here will help any new teacher find success in the profession. It includes lesson plans for the first week which can then be used as your template for the remainder of the year. It provides rules that work and consequences that make sense. Reaves doesn't waste your time with a lot of philosophy and psychology. You'll always find a little of both in anything he writes. But, as usual, he tries to keep it tight and concentrate on what you need to do, how you need to do it and why.

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Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Dave Reaves
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2013
Format: epub eBook
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