Special Education: Classroom Management (Teaching Guides)

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Februar 2014



Classroom Management is the most important part of teaching. How well a classroom is run will determine how much the students learn. This book will teach you that good classroom management is based in knowledge and consistency. Along the way it will dispel a few myths.You'll learn how to do it right, rather than how the others are doing it wrong. Well managed classes create lasting success for both teachers and students. This book provides you with the simple rules you need, a consistent set of consequences and shows you how to easily develop the most important element of classroom management - knowledge of subject. It also talks about the hyperactive child, open student defiance and how to deal with them. This book wasn't written by a psychologist who never set foot in the classroom. It's based on years around students, many of them troubled. This book isn't going to teach you how to maintain discipline from a desk. Doing something right always takes a little effort. Managing a classroom right means actually being a teacher. These are the tools - you have to put them into action.

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