Real Estate FSBO Guide: A Closer Look (Real Estate Guides)

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Januar 2014



For-Sale-By-Owners are an untapped resource. Not because real estate agents overlook them. Everybody calls them – at least once. But most real estate agents don't understand them and why they've chosen to sell on their own. Most agents think you have to be crafty to successfully work with FSBOs. Nothing is farther from the truth. The only real difference between a FSBO and any other seller is that you have to show the FSBO how you can make them more money than they can on their own. This eBook takes a closer look at what the FSBO is and what they're looking for. You'll also learn about where to look to find FSBOs. Some agents have made a career of For-Sale-By-Owners. For others, FSBOs are just one type of prospect among many. Don't overlook the potential of FSBOs in your prospecting strategy. They've done half your job. They've shown you they want to sell. Most of them are going to list with somebody. Make that somebody you.

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