Real Estate Entrepreneur: Being Your Own Boss (Real Estate Guides)

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Juli 2014



Don't let anybody fool you. Real Estate is a tough business. Not in the way digging ditches eight hours a day is tough. Real Estate is tough because you have an endless amount of competition and clients whose indifference towards you borders on contempt. Real estate is white collar tough and it suffers all the long odds of any small business. The statistics say eight out of ten new businesses are going to fail within the first two years. In real estate the odds are even worse. Perhaps it's a kind of tradeoff. Real estate asks for fewer startup costs but demands more from its entrepreneurs. This book is a guide to the professionalism you need to have a successful career in real estate. It's filled with practical advise on what sellers want to hear from an agent. It explains what you need to know to make it in the profession.

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